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Admob Android Plugin for Unity3D

This post is for beginners and I will teach how to create a simple Android plugin for Unity3D. This plugin will show admob on your app.

In a futher post I will show how to use AndroidJNI for callbacks from C# to Java code inside on your plugin.

First, on your Unity environment create a folder named Plugins and a subfolder named Android. This is default. Inside Android's folder we will create the android project from eclipse.

Now create a Android Project on Eclipse.

Change the default location to your Android folder on Unity

Setup the package name with care and choose the min SDK version.
Now we will import and setup admob lib. At this moment I use the version 6:  6.1 (GoogleAdMobAdsSdk-6.1.0.jar) and my JDK is 1.6

Create a folder named libs and paste the admob library
Add the library admob from your worspace and the Unity library from the Editor's folder. Add the Classes.jar 

Don't forget to select all libraries to export.
And select the compilance level to 1.5

Select the app target over 3.0 O target
We must setup the manifest.xml to add permissions and other configurations. You may see this steps on:

Now, let's code the Admob!
Agora você só precisar configurar seu admob exatamente como mostra no site da Google

The main activity is extended from UnityPlayerActivity. This override the main class of Unity and does your plugin the start point of your app.

This code is to add a Layer on default 3D view. The linear layout will receive the admob.

Now,  Clean your project and Export; it!

Now you can do the build from Unity3D and remember to adjust the package name on Build Settings to the same of your plugin.

You can download the projet here.

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